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Terms & Conditions: Clubhouse Events

As an Event Organiser you acknowledge, by clicking 'Agree' at the foot of this page, the following Terms & Conditions:-

Terms and Conditions for Clubhouse Events taking place at The Kendleshire Golf Club (hereinafter referred to as 'The Company'). The person (or persons) arranging the event are hereinafter referred to as 'The Event Organiser'.


i. The Company cannot accept responsibility for any loss of, or  damage to any property belonging to or brought onto the premises, by anyone.

ii. It is recommended that you take out your own insurance against unforeseen circumstances happening to give you   complete peace of mind.

iii. The Company cannot accept responsibility for events outside of its control.

iv. All items including clothing, presents, cameras, cakes, flowers, CDs and other personal effects must be removed at the end of an event unless you have prior consent.

v. The Company cannot accept responsibility for any cakes brought onto the premises and arrangements concerning their cutting and division amongst guests.

vi. The Company accepts no liability for items left on the premises.

vii. The Event Organiser shall be responsible for all persons who attend the event and for their behaviour at all times.

viii. The Event Organiser shall be responsible for any damage caused to The Company’s premises, furnishings or equipment therein, and shall pay to The Company, upon demand, the amount required to make good or remedy any such damage.

ix. The Company cannot accept any responsibility for injury caused to children or adults whilst visiting the premises,  either inside or outside.

x. Cars parked on or within the grounds of The Company’s premises are parked entirely at their owners’ risk and no liability is accepted by The Company for any loss or damage, howsoever caused to them.

xi. The Company shall not be responsible for any loss due to mechanical breakdown, failure in electricity supply, flood, fire,  Government restriction or Act of God that may cause the premises to be closed, or the event interrupted.

xii. The Company has the right at all times to remove any person who is behaving inappropriately.


xiii. Whilst every attempt is made to hold the prices as shown in The Company’s literature, there may be occasions to change these due to market fluctuations. These increases, where necessary, will be agreed between the parties prior to the function taking place.

xiv. All prices listed are applicable for events as per the date printed on a relevant brochure or price list.


xv. The Company reserves the right to require a payment of deposit prior to any function, the amount of which shall be determined by The Company.

xvi. Should The Event Organiser fail to pay any such deposit as requested within 14 days The Company may treat the booking as having been cancelled by The Event Organiser.

xvii. All deposits are non-refundable.


xviii. Due to the position of the Clubhouse, proximity to the golf course and surrounding countryside the use of fireworks, “Chinese Lanterns” and other pyrotechnics is strictly not   allowed.

xix. Party poppers and streamers are not allowed inside the clubhouse.

xx. “Gel balls” are not permitted on the premises for health & safety reasons.

xxi. All items being brought onto the premises for decoration must be approved by The Company in advance.

Payment Schedule.


· A pre-arranged deposit is required to confirm your booking.

· Six months prior to your function 50% of your estimated total bill is payable. If this is not applicable 50% of your estimated payment will be required at the time of booking.

· Three months prior to your function a further 25% is payable.

· 21 days prior to your function the remaining balance is payable. We also require final numbers at this stage.

· Outstanding balances after the day of your wedding need to be settled within 7 days of the event.

Methods and Charges:

There are several ways of paying for your event at The Kendleshire:-

· Credit/Debit card - no charge.

· Cheque/cash - no charge.

· Bank Transfer/Online Banking - no charge.

Our bank details are:

· Sort code 30-92-13  Acct: 02269408

Please give your surname/invoice number as reference.


xxii. The Company cannot allow food or drink, other than supplied, on the premises.

Door Stewards.

xxiii. Door stewards may be required for large functions at The Company’s discretion.


xxiv. Any cancellation or postponement must be made in writing.

xxv. In any situation where a refund is due after a cancellation, The Company will require written agreement and confirmation by The Event Organiser (and in the case of The Event Organiser being more than one person, written agreement and confirmation is required by all parties) of where the refund should be returned.

xxvi. The following charges apply if The Event Organiser cancels:-

· Over six months in advance = Loss of the initial deposit.

· Within six months = 50% of the total bill*.

· Within three months = 75% of the total bill*.

· Within 14 days = 100% of the total bill.

*excluding the initial deposit.

xxvi. The Company reserves the right to cancel any booking without liability on its part in the event of damage or destruction to The Company’s premises by fire or other causes, any shortage of labour or food supplies, strikes, walk-outs or industrialised unrest, or any cause beyond the reasonable control of The Company.

xxvii. Should a Resident DJ booking be cancelled by The Event Organiser within 2 calendar months of the event a cancellation charge of £100 is payable for the DJ. At all times, use of any form of entertainment other than a resident DJ incurs a facility fee.


xxviii. All prices listed include VAT unless otherwise stated. VAT is levied at the applicable rate on the day your function takes place. Your bill will show a full breakdown.


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